Back-up Generator

As global weather patterns change, winter storms are becoming more frequent and more severe.  These storms often bring with them temperatures below freezing, ice, freezing rain, and, worst of all, power outages.  Let prepare you for Mother Nature’s wrath.

Prior to the harsh winters we’ve encountered in recent years, most of us didn’t give much thought to the importance of having an emergency power supply system.  What many of us have now come to realize is that homeowners and businesses simply cannot afford to be ill prepared for future power outages.  As homeowners we want to protect our families and our belongings.  As business owners we want to protect our investments.  As a result, the installation of standby generators is increasing in record numbers.

Back-up power is the only sure solution to protect our homes and businesses. Why not have the peace of mind of knowing that loved ones are safe and warm inside while the nasty weather rages outside? can provide a standby generator system that will automatically start up during a loss of power.  You’ll never need to worry about being there to start and stop your standby generator. The generator will take care of everything on its own, whether you’re home or away.

Let the licensed and qualified electricians at install your standby generator directly to your home or business’ electrical panel.  No more messy and complicated outdoor generators.  You’ll never have to run an extension cord through a window or door again. will supply and install a hassle free standby generator which will run on your existing natural gas or alternative fuel supply.

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